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Proper tax reporting is essential and our Professional Tax Accountants are ready to assist you.

Most countries income tax system is a self-reporting system. What this means is that it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to determine the amount of income tax that is due, whether personal or corporate tax, and remit that amount to government Revenue Agency.

It is the responsibility of Government Revenue Agency to ensure that the taxpayer has reported and remitted at least the minimum amount of income taxes due under the legislation.

With an Income Tax Act that constantly changes, it does not make sense to have the services of a Professional Tax Consultant to assist you, the taxpayer, in determining only the amount of income tax due, and no more?

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ICA Qualified Professional Level (6 months tuition in tax)
ACCA Qualified Professional Level (6 months tuition in tax)
CIMA Qualified Professional Level (6 months tuition in tax)
CIT Qualified Professional Level (6 months tuition in accounting)
ICA III Certificate Level
ICA Intermadiate II
ICCA II Intermadiate I
M.Sc. Accounting/ Tax Intermadiate II
B. Sc. Accounting + 6 years experience Certificate
HND Accounting + 6 years experience Certificate
RAS 111, ABE, DBS Certificate
1st degree in any discipline Intermadiate II/ Intermadiate I/ Certificate
2nd degree without accounting or tax) Itermadiate I
Tax Officers (chief inspectors and above operations) Intermadiate II
Tax Management Officials (assistant Communication and above) Professional Level (6 months)
Post Graduate in Practical Accounting and Taxation Depending on one's professional/ Academic background
Transition to Masters and PhD Subjet to assessment
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INTRODUCTION TO TAX ACCOUNTING: The subject Tax Accounting refers to an academic discipline in accounting with focus on taxation. It is the application of specific accounting practices to minimize one’s tax liabilities or to avoid paying unfair tax. Tax accountants must be well grounded in both tax and accounting as the individual should be able to prepare tax accounting statements with the full application of tax laws to avoid paying excess tax.

The tax accountants play several roles in an organization, they assist in preparation of the entity’s financial reports, tax returns, answering tax questions and offering general tax accounting advice.

The core disciplines in the subject area of tax accounting are principles of accounting, principles of tax and tax law. The in-depth knowledge of accounting, taxation and tax law are the main foundations. With respect to the main accounts, whereas the financial accountant could generate the net profit with the application of the Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles, the tax accountant could equally generate the tax profit dwelling on the relevant tax laws in the country of application.

In view of the fact that tax laws differ from country to country, the basis of net profit derivative could change from country to country. Most African countries for instance have special tax incentives and exemptions in most of the following sectors: banking sector, savings and loan sector, rural banking sector, community banking sector, insurance sector, securities sector, financial investments sector, international banking sector, commercial banking sector, mining sector , oil, petroleum and gas sector, quarrying sector, trading/commerce sector, business vacation sector, investments sector, employment sector, education sector, hospitality sector, water and electricity sector, timber/forestry sector, pharmaceuticals sector, NGOs, brewery sector, production sector, health sector, automobile sector, shipping sector, surveying sector, farming sector etc.

Meaning the tax accountant must be abreast with the relevant tax laws in all the sectors for full application and comprehension of equitable tax assessments. The tax laws in the UK for instance cover the following; Income Tax ,Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, Value Added Tax, Inheritance tax and Overseas Taxation. Other miscellaneous tax laws cover capital allowance and other taxtypes. Again the tax accountant must be abreast with the background tax laws, in these tax assessment areas.

The minimum entry qualification is first degree in any subject discipline, qualified or part qualified accountant and other university, polytechnic, or college qualification as depicted in the following table:
About Tax Accounting
Proper Tax accounting and record keeping begins the moment that an entrepreneur decides to become self-employed.

Regardless of the business structure, proprietorship, partnerships or corporations, tax bookkeeping and accounting records are the written history of your financial picture.

Not only will proper bookkeeping and accounting assist you in operating your business profitably, it will also become invaluable when determining the amount of income tax you owe.

Whether your need involve payroll, tax accounting, tax bookkeeping, Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax and remittances or full financial statements and management reports, or the full package, CICTA members are ready to help.
These are just a few of the qualities you want in your Professional Tax Accountant.

Members of the "Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants" are dedicated, self-employed, independent financial advisors who are committed to maintaining the highest standards and up-to-date information regarding the financial aspects of your business.

Affirmed Members of the "Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants" are required to achieve and maintain continuing education and professional development credits to insure that members are current on the latest trends and legislation.

Together with the extensive network of member specialists, expertise is never more than a telephone call away for members to access a particular specialty you may need.

Whether you’re looking for tax bookkeeping, payroll, tax accounting, personal and corporate tax preparation and planning, or all areas, an Association Member is equipped, trained and ready to help you look after all your financial needs.
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