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Proper tax reporting is essential and our Professional Tax Accountants are ready to assist you.

Most countries income tax system is a self-reporting system. What this means is that it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to determine the amount of income tax that is due, whether personal or corporate tax, and remit that amount to government Revenue Agency.

It is the responsibility of Government Revenue Agency to ensure that the taxpayer has reported and remitted at least the minimum amount of income taxes due under the legislation.

With an Income Tax Act that constantly changes, it does not make sense to have the services of a Professional Tax Accountant to assist you, the taxpayer, in determining only the amount of income tax due, and no more.

Proper tax accounting and record keeping begins the moment that an entrepreneur decides to become self-employed.

Regardless of the business structure, proprietorship, partnerships or corporations, bookkeeping and accounting records are the written history of your financial picture.

Not only will proper tax bookkeeping and accounting assist you in operating your business profitably, it will also become invaluable when determining the amount of income tax you owe.

Whether your needs involve payroll tax accounting, tax bookkeeping, Capital Gain Tax or Inheritance Tax or full financial statements and management reports, or the full package, CICTA members are ready to help.
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CICTA sues National Accreditation Board

The Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants (CICTA) has commenced an action at the Human Rights Division of the High Court to challenge the decision of the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to blacklist the institute from the list of professional bodies in the country.

According to CICTA, the posturing of the NAB, to the effect that acquiring a certificate from CICTA would be tantamount to a waste of time and resources, was “false and dubious”. Joined to the suit are the Chartered Institute of Accountants, Ghana and the Attorney General.

Joined to the suit are the Institute of Chartered Accountants , Ghana and the Attorney General.
The CICTA contends further that the Chartered Institute of Accountants does not have the authority to act as the regulator of any professional body or institution, including that of the applicant.

Advertisement The NAB and the
Institute of Chartered Accountants , Ghana jointly ran newspaper advertisements between July 7 and 11, 2015, with the headline: ‘Public Notice - Unaccredited Institutions’, which warned prospective students, employers and the public that CICTA did not have the legal mandate to award any academic or professional qualifications that might be accepted for purposes of academic, professional placements and progression.

Published in Daily Graphic: General News - 24th July 2015

NOTE: The case is to be heard in November 2015 due to the legal vacation.
These are just a few of the qualities you want in your Professional Tax Accountant.

Members of the "Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants" are dedicated, self-employed, independent financial advisors who are committed to maintaining the highest standards and up-to-date information regarding the financial aspects of your business.

Affirmed Members of the "Chartered Institute of Certified Tax Accountants" are required to achieve and maintain continuing education and professional development credits to insure that members are current on the latest trends and legislation.

Together with the extensive network of member specialists, expertise is never more than a telephone call away for members to access a particular specialty you may need.

Whether you’re looking for tax bookkeeping, payroll, tax accounting, personal and corporate tax preparation and planning, or all areas, an Association Member is equipped, trained and ready to help you look after all your financial needs.
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Please be informed that CICTA 1st Graduation in Ghana is tentatively scheduled on the 15th March, 2016. All enquiries in respect of the graduation should be made at the office on Spintex road.

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CICTA congratulates all members who have voluntarily contributed to support the member’s lawsuit

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